Alternative to Planet x Carbon 50 wheels

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I was going to buy a set of the Planet x Carbon 50 wheels as a clincher but the price has gone up to £550 from £399.

I am using them for Sportives and triathlons.

I was going to avoid the Chinese imports just so I had a shop to go back to if necessary.

What would you go for as an alternative?


  • ugo.santalucia
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    buy some rims from Farsports and get them built over here on Novatec hubs... all in you will end up spending more or less 400 quid
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  • mattv
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    The Planet X wheels are Chinese manufactured anyway... Only difference is you have a face to complain to if they go wrong. Probably just as reliable? I know just as many people having good experiences with Chinese carbon as planet x, as well as just as many bad experiences.
  • lochindaal
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    I knew they were Chinese wheels and have nothing against that as a concept. I just wanted a fall back contact for money being being spent.

    Only cyclists would treat £400 as a cheap risk :-)
  • antsmithmk
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    The £550 wheels on Planet X are available from carbonzone for £199.

    You can buy a bottle of tippex to paint planet x decals on if you want....