Critique my build: Dialled PA

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Looking for peoples thoughts on the spec of my bike?

I built it up on the cheap (mixture of stuff I already had and second hand parts) to get back into riding after many years out of the game but i'm now considering upgrading. It's a fairly hefty build and I feel like losing a bit of beef would help. Mainly used for red/black/orange runs at trail centers: GT, Inners, Laggan etc and i'm a big fan of getting some air.

Weighed it on some poor scales last night at 39lbs, not totally sure if that's accurate!

Dialled Prince Albert Mk1 Frame 17.5"
Rock Shox 426 Pike Uturn Spring Fork
Superstar AMX Wheelset
Deore: Rear shadow mech, cassette, chain, crankset. (3x9)
Hollowtech BB.
XT front mech.
SLX shifters.
Clarks S2 brakes.
Superstar: Vector bars, Zenith 50mm stem, peak saddle, Simple seatpost, lock on grips, Nano tech pedals.
Hope: headset and seat post QR.
Continental mountain King tyres with inner tubes.


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    that's heavier than my DH bike.

    What's your budget? Going to a single ring will shed a whole load of weight and then swapping the wheels for a set of Arch or Flow EX or similar. Also an XT cassette is a hell of lot lighter than a Deore - do that lot and the bike will probably be over a kilo lighter
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    "Your mountain bikes" is probably the place for this
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    39lbs sounds a lot, maybe too much. There's probably almost 2lbs to be lost in the wheels and fork, and, as Felix said, about the same in the drivetrain. All depends on your budget though.
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    Just got some new scales and weighed it again; 32lbs....

    Bit more sensible?
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    Sames about right. It's a good, even build. Tough. You know the old adage - strong, light, cheap: pick any two.

    When you have a 5.5lb frame and 5lb fork, with heavy wheels, you'll be struggling to get it light. Though a OnOne 456 carbon will knock 2 lbs off in an instant.
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    An air sprung fork will grab you back nearly a pound as well.....
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