Rear strap mounted bike rack for Hyundai i30

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Just placed an order for a Hyundai i30 hatchback and was wondering if anyone could recommend a rear mounted, strap fitted bike rack that would be compatible with this? I am happy to spend a reasonable amount if necessary, after all it will need to hold a couple of relativelyexpensive bikes so no point in skimping and risking dumping them into the path of the lorry following me :cry: .

I want something that is easy and quick to fit, secure and doesn't sit too high over the back end as some seem to do.

Many thanks for any recommendations.


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    Not used one, but Saris Bones appear to be the dog's danglies.
  • I've used a Saris Bones 2 for the last couple of years, been all over Europe with the bikes, just the job. Solid as a rock at 120mph on the autobahns. Should fit any hatchback or estate car.
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    Check your car handbook. A friend of mine bought one of the bigger Hyundai cars only to find out afterwards that it is not suited for rear mounted bike carriers.

    He's now looking at tow ball carriers.
  • Saris Bones - have one and it works a treat. A bit awkward to fit first time but once you've worked out the best angles for the arms it is rock solid. When we got ours it was only available in grey; you should now be able to get one to match the car if you wanted.
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  • A quick check (is it the i30 tourer?) but don't list one whick suggests there is no rear mount approved carrier for your car - I'd suggest checking yourself.

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  • Can't say I'm overly impressed with strap racks I've never been able to use one without scuffing the paintwork with the straps, the clips which fit around the doors or a pedal. Not used a bones, though. I prefer roof mounted as long as I remember with low bridges etc