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Just after some advice. Three of the five bolts on my chainring have come loose. The first tightened up fine just using the Allen key. The other two tighten so far and then just spin. What is the best chainring bolt tool to use as I realise some are very poorly made and don't really work ?


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    I just purchased the Park Tool chaingring tool for this very purpose. I have not used it yet but will do so in the next couple of days and will report back.
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    Yup - Park Tool do a little silver job for about £2.99 from CRC designed especially for this. Works an absolute treat.

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    Shimano make a good quality peg spanner TL-FC21, also I found that an Engineer's 6" stainless rule, if you have one, is the right gauge to fit the slot. ... 725877.pdf
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    Thanks, I bought the park tool and it did the job :)