Blood testing....(not doping related!)

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I don't know if this might be of use to people here, finely honed athletes that you are.

My son is a swimmer, he's pretty good with ambition to compete at the highest level. Anyway, to cut a long story short, after some health problems (glandular fever plus some other symptoms) his training has been badly affected. Because he is not 'sick' there was only a limited amount our family doctor could, or would do.

In the end we found a private company to take and test his blood. The results we then took to the Doc for a proper analysis and he was able to be properly diagnosed and treated. We also gave the results to his coaches.

The company we used was Nationwide Pathology in Northamptonshire. We had the full blood work up done with the results back the same day. I know they do the testing for quite a few premiership football clubs as well as some Olympic associations which was how we found them. The cost was £60 for full bio chemistry plus £15 for having the blood taken.

We found it incredibly useful and it measured most thing that you would need to know. I thought others might find it useful as well. The cost was much less than I expected.


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    Any GP should do this if you have health concerns and the cost would be nought.
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    Any GP should do this if you have health concerns and the cost would be nought.

    Yes, that has always been my experience.
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    GP's don't always do what you ask ! I've had my bloods done recently as I've been feeling exhausted. All in range except I found out my Testosterone is very low following a botched vasectomy, and further surgery to help fix the mess. First test came in low, so I asked them to do the full set of Testosterone tests, they would only do the total serum test again. Came in even lower. Long and short is I have to wait till I see an Endo for a full set of blood Testosterone tests. This can identify where the issue is - pituity or actually damage to the plumbs. Down side is my levels are about a third of what they should be.