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Just signed up so thought I better introduce myself. Once upon a time I used to go out cycling every evening after work covering 40-50 miles a night across all types of terrain. Then I stopped! It's been about 7 years since I went out for a proper ride but I am starting to get the urge again. I am trying to be quite proactive about getting back out before I lose interest so have popped to my Mums and collected my 2007 Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc which has been sat in the shed for a while (occasionally being used by my Sister, who then moans at me that the BB is knackered and the gears don't work properly!). I have ordered a bike maintenance stand, a new BB, new tyres and tubes and most importantly a book on how to service the bike myself (you would think being an ex mechanic I would have some idea of the workings of a bicycle!). I am hoping to have most of it sorted this weekend as my next door neighbour saw me putting the bike in the shed yesterday and told me about his Wednesday night cycling group which sounds pretty good fun, so I wouldn't mind joining them for a decent ride out!

I'm sure I will be back on here asking all sorts of questions while sorting the bike out and eventually upgrading a few bits!




  • Welcome to the forum...

    Check out the Parktools website. Lots of good articles and how-to videos on there.
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