Kick stand for kids seat?

monkimark Posts: 1,423
I've just ordered a Yepp mini front mounted bike seat so I can take my 10 month old daughter out for a quick spin round the park at weekends and maybe the odd family trip to some of the off-road national cycle routes in kent/surrey that we used to ride in our pre-baby days.

For the moment it'll be fitted to my mountain bike but I'm in the process of building up a bike specifically for the baby seat and was thinking a kickstand might be helpful for loading/unloading. Just to keep the bike upright while I pick my daughter up, I'm guessing the stands aren't stable enough to keep the bike upright with a child wriggling about in it.

Does anyone else use a stand or is it not really necessary?



  • natrix
    natrix Posts: 1,111
    I lean the bike securely against a wall, I wouldn't trust a kick stand.
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  • baudman
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    A two-leg stand, so that it's balanced centrally would be the way to go.

    However, I'd agree - don't rely just on the stand. In fact, most of the time with the front-mounted seat I used, I straddled the bike and then lifted my kid onto it, and buckled it up from behind. The YEPP fits so easily, you could even strap them into the seat on the ground, and then lift the seat and child up together and clip on. (I haven't tried that, mind you).
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