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Deep drop brakes

jamie4759jamie4759 Posts: 117
edited June 2014 in Road buying advice
Morning all, I need some deep drop brakes for a winter build. I like the TRP RG957 calipers but the price is high which I don't mind paying if they are top notch. Anyone used them before? Any issues or feedback at all? I have a Campag groupset but I would use Shimano 650's if they were a better bet (the Shimano sign comes off easily!!). Any views welcome.


  • marcusjbmarcusjb Posts: 2,412
    650 user here ( they are very, very good).

    However, another option for you possibly - the Velo Orange Grand Cru deep droppers.

    I have a set waiting to go on a new project, so do not yet have practical experience with them. But well reviewed and (like much of velo orange stuff) has a 'look' of campagnolo about it.

    They are beautifully made for sure. Appear to be about the same sort of money as the TRP.

    You can't go wrong with 650s, and really I should have just got another pair for this new project - but I fancied something shinier!
  • darkhairedlorddarkhairedlord Posts: 7,180
    both the 650's and 451's are pretty much the same brake. Excellent quality. The 451's don't have the cartridge pads but if your replacing them with swisstop blue or similar then not really a biggie. Best prices on these fellas are usually from ribble.
  • housemunkeyhousemunkey Posts: 237
    I've got the 451's with some cartridge pads (swisstop greens) and honestly can't tell much difference between this and my Ultegras on another bike.

    The TRP's look nice and with the right pads I'm sure would perform excellently.

    The 451's were crazy cheap from ribble as darkhairedlord eluded to though, if price were to matter to you.
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