Shimano fh 5700 105 hub - compatibility with what freehubs?

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My shimano fh 5700 105 hub needs a new freehub body.

Does anyone know of freehubs that are compatible with this hub?

I'd obviously try and find the same freehub body and replace like-for-like, but I'm interested in the interchangability...

Also - one last thing...
I bought this wheelset as mavic open pro on fh5700 105; can somebody shed light on spd compatibility? I assume the 'standard' shimano 105 hub is designed for 10spd but my 8spd cassette has worked a dream for over 3000 miles. I'm confused as to why there's spd distinction if it's apparent it makes no difference!



  • ugo.santalucia
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    it's 8-9-10 speed compatible and you do need the specific freehub. It might be that an older model (5600) or an Ultegra 6600-6700 freehub fits, but I am not 100% sure
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    You need one of THESE