Topeak Defender M1 QR Fork Attachment mod

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I have recently purchased the Topeak M1-M2 set for my Whyte Stirling bike, I contacted Evans before to ask them if the part would fit my bike & they said it would, well the wedge set is too big for the fork hole clearance, mine is roughly 15mm, where as the M1 starts from 19.6mm.

I've contacted Topeak & they just gave a me a rubbish generic response.

Does anyone know of a mod for this, so I can fit the front mudguard, as I can't send it back, as its already been opened?


  • sungod
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    so evans said it would fit, and you purchased from them on the basis of that information, open the package, and then you found that they were wrong

    return it to evans, the fact that you opened it does not matter, they gave materially incorrect information
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  • I tried that, but they wouldn't have it, plus I couldn't prove it, as I was told this on one of their online chats.

    I'm a bit stuck really, that's why I'm looking for a mod?
  • gozzy
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    Call the shop, speak to the manager. Opening a packet shouldn't stop you returning it.