Budget bib-shorts/jerseys for a fatty?

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Got a new road bike coming soon and could do with a couple of pairs of bib-shorts and jerseys but... Which ones on a budget for a fatty?



  • odessouky
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    I have a couple from Tenn Outdoors.

    Make sure if you go for them to get the VIPER 8-panel ones.

    Very comfy so far, and very cheap.
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    Dhb are good value.
  • bigaac
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    DHB seem to have changed their sizing though (for jerseys at least) their XXL jerseys are now 10cm narrower around the chest
  • At 16st, 38" waist, 48" chest I find DHB shorts ars great. However the jerseys are useless.
    For jerseys, I use Polaris. Short sleeve, long winter, gilet, all seem to fit very well in xxl.
    They are intended to be for "casual" road or mtb, but I find they all fit well for the road.
  • Stephent
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    Dhb bib shorts do me fine

    Fat Lad at the Back also do larger sizes and got jersey which fits great
  • odessouky
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    Stephent wrote:
    Dhb bib shorts do me fine

    Fat Lad at the Back also do larger sizes and got jersey which fits great


    seriously...is that a brand??!!
  • handful
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    Easy. Funkier 17 panel bibs. They have a superb pad for the money. I just bought a pair on the recommendation of a very experienced and competitive cyclist mate and they are astounding value for money. I bought mine from Amazon for a shade under £40 delivered and the pad is FAR better then the DHB Aeron Pros that were my previous favourites. I also bought some Etxeondo New Press from Merlin and although I haven't worn them yet the pad doesn't feel as good as the one in the Funkiers so I am going to swap them for some Etxeondo Orhi's which have now come back in stock in my size. I will then compare those because they are extremely well respected bibs but at £89.99 probably not in the budget category you are asking about.
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    Just ordered a top from Tenn outdoors, £12 will see if its vfm
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    I like the Endura Hummvee jersey:

    http://www.evanscycles.com/products/end ... y-ec022290

    Casual cut (officially in Endura's MTB range) but with proper rear pockets, which some 'leisure' style jerseys lack - from the reviews, quite a few roadies are buying them.
  • Stephent
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    Top brand for the larger cyclist and sizing is as says