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Hi everybody,
I need you help.

Until now, I want to Cyclocross bike. Because I'll ride mostly road( for commuting), and sometimes muddy path. But now I'll have a baby. And I have to carry him with me, and sometimes I'll go to grocery with my bike. And I need to use rack, and sometimes trailer.

I'm confused that I have to buy a cyclocross or touring bike. Please give me suggestions

Until now, I tried:
Cannondale Caadx => I did not like it ()
Specialized Tricross => I like it very much, but It has sora. And I want at lease 105
Specialized Awol => I likte it too, but It has sora too, and I think it is heavier then others

I also consider:
Focus Mares 2.0
Cube Cyclocross
Kona cyclocorss and touring bikes


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    Boardman Team CX - about 900 quid but you can get it for 810 if you join BritishCycling.org

    I have one and it is superb go anywhere bike. I have full mudguards on and you could put a panier on it.
    It is seriousy fast and comfy on paths and also very decent on the road.
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