Bar ends

markhewitt1978 Posts: 7,614
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One of my bar end plugs has fallen out :(

Just checking if there are different sizes etc or I can just order the likes of these: ... end-plugs/

These are my bars: ... handlebar/


  • passout
    passout Posts: 4,425
    Standard size I think.
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  • Essex Man
    Essex Man Posts: 283
    Get ones that tighten eg ... end-plugs/

    Otherwise you'll be losing them all the time.
  • Rod11
    Rod11 Posts: 293
    Or wrap them in electrical tape to bulk them up a bit if you're finding them a bit loose.
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    Good fun to find the right size anyway.
  • joenobody
    joenobody Posts: 563
    Timely post - I just noticed yesterday that one of mine has gone AWOL. For £3.60 I reckon I'll go for those BBB caps from Wiggle :)