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Ticked Off With Alfine 11 - Derailleur Option for Flat Bars?

sdavies13sdavies13 Posts: 14
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Hi all.

Getting seriously ticked off with my Alfine 11 hub. Previously was having trouble changing around 5-6-7, requiring changing up a number of gears then changing back to get the hub to actually shift! Also kept losing drive when going into 11th (started after a few hundred miles, oil changes didn't help, change cable alignment was fine). Finally took to On Your Bike who sent the hub to the UK distributor who swapped the internals.

Initially still had some sticky changes but after a few commutes things seemed to start working. Went out yesterday and much of the time 7th gear was non-existant! 6th or 8th seemed fine, but 7th more often than not was MIA! (only just reaching 2000 miles on the bike)

On top of which am getting into 11th gear with no further to go so any recommendations on a derailleur setup which I can use with flat bars please? Main use is commuting which is around 26 miles each day so something sturdy would be good (generally flat so speed is more important than climbing)



  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    How many gears do you want? If say 9, then can presumably retain existing front single chainring. if frame has a derailleur hanger, then add just about any rear hub/casette and appropriate RH shifter. If you want more than one ring, then depending partly on frame complexity and price goes rapidly up!

    More info?
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  • mpdouglasmpdouglas Posts: 220
    SRAM rival with doubletap flat bar shifters have been 100% trouble free for me for 2+ years of all weather/all year round commuting. 35 mile round trip each day. The doubletap shifters come in 2x10 or 3x9. I run 2x10 with a semi-compact (50/36) chain set and 12-27 cassette.
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