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A decent buyers guide for Sub £500 MTBs

oxocube1oxocube1 Posts: 651
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The video gives you a pretty decent guide to buying your first/entry level mountain bike around and under the £500 mark (many of you may have already seen it as it's on the homepage).

Take a look if you're on a budget or are new to the sport and want help with buying!


  • buddy_clubbuddy_club Posts: 935
    Saw this the other day while messing about on the youtubes, i agree, some decent stuff on there, but its clear the reason theres a Hoodoo sitting by the bloke is because it was sponsored by Halfords.
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  • HarvisterHarvister Posts: 5
    I have read most of the reviews about and they all seem to agree that Halfords do pretty much the best starter bikes apart from the Calibre Two Two from GoOutdoors (which they dont have in stock anywhere.) From what i can read based on your budget you go for Carrera Vulcan > Carrera Kraken > Voodoo Hoodoo £500 > Voodoo Bizango £700.

    I have waited a while and from the specs the Carrera bikes dont seem to be worth their RRP and always seem to have some money off. However the Voodoo dont seem to have any money off offers (that i have seen) and the RRP's would lead you believe the Carrera Kraken is the same quality as the Hoodoo, which it isnt.

    I have just got a Vulcan and it seems like a nice starter bike. Will probably look to upgrade to the Bizango if i ever see a sale in a few months if i get into MB'ing.
  • riskyrisky Posts: 17
    The Bizango is only £600. Right now if you buy online you'll get about 10% off.

    Also you missed out the Voodoo Bantu which should replace the Carrera Kracken in your lineup.
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