Shock tune N service who to choose?

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Thought I would put this is in this section, basically I have a fox rp2 I want serviced and tuned to suit me.
Who do I choose
J-tech suspension are the cheapest
TF tuned the next then mojo the most expensive

Anyone got any advice on who is best? Turn around , service? The tunning etc etc

Price won't be the deciding factor


  • Briggo
    Briggo Posts: 3,537
    Mojo > TFtuned in my experience, not that TFTuned is rubbish just Mojo go little extra steps like placing updated decals on and mending chips in the forks/shocks.

    They also set mine up for me better than TFTuned did based on the weight/style details given, I didnt have to adjust Mojos setup but I have with TF.
  • russyh
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    I just recently had my forks serviced and tuned by j tech, great speedy service and they have come back perfectly set up, so smooth and free from stiction
  • rockmonkeysc
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    I use TF Tuned. Their servicing and tuning has always been spot on for me. They also do a one day turn around which is nice.
  • nick-gti
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    Thanks guys, I'm liking the sound of the little extra sets mojo go to. How quickly do they turn a shock around?