Upto £130 on firm'chamois bibs similar to santini NAT gel

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Scoured pretty much everywhere i can find looking at various bibs. I currently use santini Edge shorts with the NAT team gel chamois. Its fairly thin and unobtrusive with a nice firm gel feel where the sit bones lay. I love the shorts but fancy something new with a bit of birthday money i recieved.

So far I've been checking out

Castelli free Aero
Assos t7 neopro
Assos pro s2
Etxeondo orhi

I'd like a similar feel chamois to the santini ones. And the only ones ive had the chance to squidge in real life have been the castelli. To be honest I'm not a fan of the styling as i like plain and simple. Rapha are out of my budget. I also like the longer leg of the santini.

I'd appreciate any suggestions please. I know there's hundreds of bib threads and I've read most and many recommend the aforementioned including the santinis. Few mention the firmness, however.



  • Vslowpace
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    If you want Rapha fill out their survey and get a 20% discount code. This then brings their classic bibs into your price range.
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    Don't know what the Santini pad feels like, as I haven't had a chance to squidge one, but just got a pair of Sportful R&D bibs - they do an all black one. £117 at Wiggle - pad is a bit firmer than the Castelli I think, also relatively long in the leg.

    Had a first ride in them today and like them a lot - my other bibs are either Castelli bodypaint/free aero or Sportful thermo bibs. The R&Ds are at least as comfortable as the Bodypaints, but I prefer the R&Ds styling (and the price!) so plan to buy another pair when funds allow.
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    I had some sportful body fit pros last year with the tC pro chamois. It's the same as in the R&D. The compression fit and styling are fantastic but the pad didn't suit. Great shorts tho. Thanks
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    Etxeondo orhi. Was so impressed with them I bought a second pair. Love 'em.

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    Buy two pairs of the Exteondo Ator shorts on Merlin and still have £20 left over. Absolute no brainer.