Forme Calver CX disc 2013 mudguards eyes??????

davesvord Posts: 80
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I purchased a Forme CX disc 2013 advertised everywhere as having mudguard and rack mounts. So after a winter of cross riding and wanting to do a spot of touring I got some mudguards and a disc pannier rack only to find that although there are eyelets on the forks for mudguards, top of rear chain stay for a rack, tapped holes on the brackets across the chain and seat stays for mudguards there are no eyelets at the rear drop outs (any other Forme Calver disc owners noticed this?). I have sent 2 emails to Forme with no reply. My LBS no longer stocks Forme after they started supplying the other LBS. So my question is what is the best rack that will take panniers with no rear dropout eyes. And how to I get Forme to answer why they produced a bike like this, advertised as having mudguard and rack mounts? Any Forme employees on this forum?