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Shimano BR6600/ST7800 improvement?

DAG on a bikeDAG on a bike Posts: 581
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Presently I have Shimano Ultegra BR6600 callipers with Dura-Ace ST7800 shifters.

Reports suggest that the more recent BR6700 or BR6800 perform much better. Is that so? Can they be used with my current shifters without significant compatibility problems?

Is there any benefit (or indeed point) in considering such a change? Does anyone have real world experience of this rather than a theoretical answer?

There's no such thing as too old.


  • BozmanBozman Posts: 2,570
    The newer calipers(6700/6800) have a different pull ratio compared to 6600 or 7800, some folk will tell you that it can make a difference but I never noticed a thing. There's nothing wrong with the 6600 calipers if you add a set of swissstop pads, if you want to upgrade why don't you look at getting a set of 7800 calipers, I'd guess that you'd pick a set up for £70 and they're quality.
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