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Tubeless rims - Max psi

Cutty DyerCutty Dyer Posts: 78
edited June 2014 in Cyclocross
I'm just not getting it?

I have a variety of tubeless arrangements on bikes. I run my FS XC bike on a set of Crossmax ST at around 20/25psi. My cross bike is fitted with Crossrides and I comfortably inflate them tubelessly to around 65psi with non tubeless tyres (is that OK?) - I also have some heafty syncros rims that I sealed up with some electrical tape and they run fine at 50/60 psi when I take my hard tail on the road.

So.... I made some enquiries about various new wheelsets for the cx. The iron cross rims shouldn't be used above 40psi but if I went Stans Alpha 400 rims I can go up to higher pressures?

I want to use the bike on the road as well as XC - what am I missing??? What is the limiting factor to tubeless rims? Is it just some rims, the tyres or the tubeless system as a whole?


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 27,128
    The clue is Stans rims are generally 100 grams lighter than the competition
  • Cutty DyerCutty Dyer Posts: 78
    Thanks for that, I sort of came to a self realisation somewhere since posting - That's the price for weight I guess.
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