Lefty Max SPV vs Rockshox Sektor MC

Ryan Jones
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Hello, I have a cannondale prophet equipped with a Lefty Max fork, with the manitou SPV internals. It is in need of a full service and rebuild which having asked around will cost circa £150-200 without adding in postage costs. The trouble is that I can get the said RS Sektor for £270 delivered and this throws the question.....what should I do ?

Please bear in mind a few things; I want to change out the wheelset as my current bike's 1550g wheels liven it up and I'd like the same again, the stem needs changing for a shorter one ideally a 70mm but the lefty is 80mm minimum length and the headset could do with renewal so I could change to a zero stack unit and make full use of the 530mm maximum axle to crown length of the sektor. Also this particular lefty fork cannot be upgraded to the PBR internals.

The main thing I want is a solid platform for trail centre riding, solidity for the occasional scuffed landing and a reliability. I appreciate I'd need to adjust the lefty bearings every now and then and I don't mind that. What would be the best riding fork overall and keep that way into the future ?

Thanks in advance ! :D