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First Brand New Road Bike - Ribble R872

jack264jack264 Posts: 39
edited May 2014 in Your road bikes
As stated, due to numerous MTB's getting stolen despite top locks, have just been using passed down and well cared for secondhand Road bikes since taking it up 3-4 years ago. But I do too much milage now not to have something I can call 100% my own. So decided on this....


Just did a quick mile or so on it, saddle needs straightened, which I'm randomly struggling with, but I'll sort it before the long run at the weekend. Shifting felt good, and my god, the weight difference.

Veloce Compact 13-26, Zonda Wheels with an eye on some Cosmic Carbons in future with the Zondas going on the Winter Trainer.

Just noticed the Bianchi is in that last pic. I don't have that anymore....and a Giant Trance X4 2014 will be joining that lot soon replacing the old Claud Butler.


  • fortyplusfortyplus Posts: 1
    I think it may help to have the seat post the other way around, apart from that its a nice bike, enjoy.
  • declan1declan1 Posts: 2,470
    Woah, you need to reconsider the setup of that. As mentioned above the seatpost is the wrong way around, which is causing the saddle to point upwards. Also that's a very short stem - it looks like the frame is too big for you.

    Road - Dolan Preffisio
    MTB - On-One Inbred

    I have no idea what's going on here.
  • dave35dave35 Posts: 1,124
    Sort the seat post out, nice bike. How can anyone say it's too big without seeing the op on it?
  • dombhoydombhoy Posts: 147
    Sort the seat out and then it will look amazing love the stealth frame
  • rickeverettrickeverett Posts: 988
    :lol: god, no wonder you struggled with the saddle ! -

    Ribble didn't sent it like that surely :shock: ?
  • jack264jack264 Posts: 39
    Yeah, it was wrong way round(my error there). Sorted that out, and pushed it up a few centimetres...basically to match the height of my winter trainer, and felt more than fine in a quick ride with work jeans on, so once in gear ready for a long ride should be more or less perfect. The size below(50cm) was too small, 52cm probably would of been the absolute perfect size, so 0.5cm isn't exactly going to put me too much out of my way.
  • Camcycle1974Camcycle1974 Posts: 1,356
    Nice bike Jack. How tall are you? I also bought a 50 but wondered if I should have bought a 52. 5ft10 but with long legs and arms for height.
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