Its time for more TOOLS!!

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I have been doing most of the repairs and servicing required on my bikes for a few years now.
However I have just invested in a Cane Creek Angleset so figure its time to invest in some cup removers (I will need both sizes) and possibly a headset press tool (however I thought some M12 threaded bar, X2 M12 nuts, X2 m12 penny washers and some birch ply disc's might do the job pretty damn well for about £3 (bear in mind I will only use them very occasionally).

Also both my wheels need truing so should probably think about a wheel truing stand! I don't know if its possible but I would really like to get one that enable's me to true with the tyre on as I run 26" rims tubeless. are there any good solid cheap ones I can get that do this??

I would consider a proper headset press if there is a good solid cheap one somewhere.

It would be great if I can get a few suggestions of where and what to look at.
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  • arthur_scrimshaw
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    If your happy to use the low cost solution go for it, you will probably get the same result. I bought a Cyclus headset press like this although I paid less that that. I've used it three times (two headsets and one BB30 bottom bracket) so I reckon I've probably broken even vs. a bike shop?
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    I made my own press similar to what you have described and I have pressed 3 headsets so far with no issues. Ideally a proper press is best but I'm cheap.
    I also made some plastic washers that fit the ID of the cups to keep them straight when pressing but they are not in the pic.
  • jonnyashworth
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    cheers bailsofhay. I think I will go down the home made route with the press! probably looking at superstar for the cup removal tools.

    What about a truing stand???

    I would like to get a nice solid one but as cheap as possible
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    There are usually Park truing stamds used on ebay. Make sure you get one to accept all axle sizes.
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    +1 for the home-made headset press. I added a couple of discs cut from some left over vinyl floor tiles just to rule out any scuffing damage.
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