National Aggressive Drivers Day

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At least it would appear to be so here today.

An unprecedented level of revving engines, close passes and cut-ups.

No actual contacts to report but be careful out there.
The above may be fact, or fiction, I may be serious, I may be jesting.
I am not sure. You have no chance.
Veronese68 wrote:
PB is the most sensible person on here.


  • meanredspider
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    It's funny (peculiar) how there are days when driver behaviour is definitely affected by something - possibly the weather. Be safe out there.
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  • BigLights
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    Funny you say that - I concur! Almost got hit at a pinch point (I was taking primary) by a woman in a Fiesta, phone in one hand, cereal bar in the other, right indicator on (not turning anywhere) and side mirrors folded in.

    I had a 'word' with her but she was not fussed. Special.

    I think it has something to do with low pressure system. Although I would contradict myself by saying that a hot sunny rush hour is also pretty awful for impatience.
  • The Rookie
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    Low pressure means less Oxygen, for those with smaller brains that could be critical!
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  • Mikey23
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    Fair few city muppets down here over the bank holiday with their impatience and intolerance... You're on holiday for goodness sake, does it really matter if it takes you ten seconds to get past?
  • awavey
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    yep it does feel like you get clusters of incidents on certain days (Im sure though statistically it doesnt happen like that),but had 3 must get in front left hooks today :roll: the last one I had to slam on the brakes or Id have been collected, for an encore they then tried to run down a couple of pedestrians too.
  • gabriel959
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    wow and there was me thinking I was going crazy

    First of all, a guy on a Morrison van overtakes me with cm, I even feel the side of the van with my shoulder. All in all to be stuck at a traffic light 100 yards ahead. Went up to him incensed, and banged his window and asked him if he wanted to kill me? i also moved his side mirror with my hand. I was a bit foolish but quite shocked. He came chasing behind me and stopped and said sorry, and really apologised for the incident. I apologised for my moving his mirror, we shook hands and we went our merry ways.

    Next coming back home, minding my own business, it was raining, wet , etc. Coldhams Lane, cyclist ahead, no lights, riding near the gutter with a dog in a tray at the front, I signal to overtake him and do so fine as I was going at quite a bit more speed than him. Anyway I go over the sainsburys rb and then the lights were red, there is a cycle lane with poor surface (some road works ahead as well) plus a few parked cars with people in them which I can see as I approach the red light so I position myself on where the wheel of a car closest to the kerb would be but not on the cycle lane and this nutter with the dog, comes next to me and starts calling me the c word, t word, f word, you name it, that I give bad name to cyclists riding in the middle of the road, the dog starts barking at me. LOL - quite surreal, I just pedal off into the distance.

    So then near home, I thought I was safe and sound but some nutter on a fixie who had been behind me for a while decides to undertake me as I turn right on a roundabout. I wasn't feeling up to my best but I decided to bring out the power of awesome and destroyed him on the next straight and non dangerous segment.

    I am on hols tomorrow and friday thank goodness.
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