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Gears slipping under pressure - Campy Record 10

KevLuxKevLux Posts: 2
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Hi Guys

I bought a 2nd hand Pinarello Paris last year which had done many miles. I love the bike but the gear was showing signs of wear, it was never perfect last year in that the chain would come off often etc.

This season i swapped out a new chain, and sprockets, and on the flat things work well, however when i need to put pressure on, i.e. when climbing the chain starts to skip on the rear cassette, this is just after the bike is back from the bike shop. The shop said it might happen as the gear change mechanism is old and worn.. but not being a big expert I do not know what to think. If the shifting mechanism has worn out could it cause the rear derailleur to move and hence cause the gear to skip when i put pressure on the drive train? Would purchasing and new shifter solve the problem?

Parts are all campangnolo record 10. (chain, rear sprocket, and large front cog are new, as is the shifter cable.


  • davidofdavidof Posts: 2,446
    KevLux wrote:
    Would purchasing and new shifter solve the problem?

    Maybe the hangar or rear mech is bent? Changing the cable for a low friction version may help.

    Otherwise you might be able to replace the internals of the shifter if it is not moving the rear mech the right amount.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Since you have a new chain, cassette and big chainring, are you sure it's skipping on the cassette? Could it be skipping on the chainring you haven't replaced? ie does it only happen in the small ring?

    It's very common with a well worn drivetrain to replace the chain, only to find it skips on the worn cassette. Replacing the cassette rectifies the problem unless the chainrings are also badly worn and skip, in which case they too need replacing.

    By which point a new groupset starts to look like a bargain!
  • lapavoni10lapavoni10 Posts: 146
    May seem stupid, but is the cassette lockring done up tight? Is the rear wheel in straight? Do the jockey wheels have a huge amount of play?
    Does it happen in all gears?
  • MaxxypriestMaxxypriest Posts: 231
    Stiff chainlink?

    Gently rotate the crank backwards and watch the chain come through the jockey wheels. Normally you'll see it "jerk" when the offending link passes through

    A good wiggle to loosen it off of swap with a quick link normally sorts you out

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