Which mudguard to get.

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I am looking for a mudguard for my cannondale synapse 105 disc. I was thinking about the sks longboard (http://www.universalcycles.com/shopping ... p?id=39107) but not sure which one to get (the 35mm or 45mm). Would the 45mm fit and allow for slightly larger tyres or would the 35mm be the better choice?


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    It already gives an indication of size on that webpage.
    " Fit: 35mm fits 700 x 20-28; 45mm fits 700 x 26-35"

    So if you want to use over 25C tyres, then the 45mm is what you'll need.
    If not, you can use the 35mm.
    The 45mm will also fit narrower tyres, but won't look as nice if you're only ever running 23C tyres.

    I can't see guard mounts on the fork but I assume they are there somewhere as Cannondale say's they've been 'subtely integrated'?
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    These are a very nice mudguard, albeit expensive

    https://www.ridepdw.com/goods/fenders/f ... nders-city
  • Cheers for the detailed answer, I guess I was only worried that not all 28c tyres would fit the smaller one and the 45mm might be too big for the bike clearance.
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    Interesting one.

    I'm a big fan of sizing up now. So I partner the SKS 45's with 30C tyres. I could probably use the 35's.

    But I quite like the fact that you get that bit more protection when you partner the wider mudguard with the narrower tyre.

    But, crucially, having looked at the link I think the 45's would look a bit weird and there may (may) be clearance issues with the frame. Stick to the 35's.
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    Not completely off topic - I would also recommend looking at the Tortec range of mudguards a another possible alternative unless you are totally sold on SKS. I am running two bikes with these guards and have been very happy with their performance. Their chromotec model comes in 20 - 26 and 27 - 35 sizes and is available with reflective strips or without.
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    http://road.cc/content/review/70517-vav ... d-mudguard
    Have a look at these.I have black ones on a Kinesis Ti along with 25 tyres.They have a couple of faint discrete stripes on aswell,dark blue in my case to go with bits on my bike but it's hard to see them really.Very compact fitting guard,been on 2 yrs now and as good as new. No rattles,breaks etc.Would defo buy them again.
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    LegendLust wrote:
    These are a very nice mudguard, albeit expensive

    https://www.ridepdw.com/goods/fenders/f ... nders-city

    You can get those for under £60 if you know where to look ;)
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  • Cheers everyone. That answers that (going to go with the narrower ones).