Creaking - Clicking Noise

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I have two bikes, a Bianchi with an FSA mega exo BB and Campagnolo Record gears etc. and a Specialized Allez with a Shimano hollowtech BB. and Tiagra gears, chainset etc.

When riding the Bianchi my cycling shoes are fitted with Shimano cleats to go with SPD pedals while the Allez has MTB pedals. Both of them have a clicking noise which is only evident when I apply effort on the pedal downstrokes, ie when hill climbing, accelerating etc.

When freewheeling with pedals going around there is no noise, however if I pull up on the pedals as well as push down even when hill climbing or accelerating the clicking noise goes away. I can therefore induce this noise by just applying a degree of pressure.

Initially I thought it was the bottom brackets, but they seem well adjusted.

The noise is similar to both bikes but what is baffling me is that they both have dissimilar set ups. I am baffled and any views adjustments etc. would be most appreciated.


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    bb, spokes, bottle cage bolts, cable slap, uneven power delivery unloading and reloading the pawls in the freehub, fd cable end being flicked by right foot, headset, cracked frame around rear brake bridge(CAAD9 only), loose BB shell (CF bikes only) or anything in the sticky at the top.

    my guess is BB. if its worn, it's worn, no adjusting is going to fix it.