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Race day Nutrition

JdonJdon Posts: 45
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Hey dudes, could really do with some advise, doing a midweek race this week and I'm worried about eating and drinking. I was going to keep hydrated on the day and pre race maybe have a banana and a homemade energy bar. So in the race I will take an electrolyte drink and maybe a gel to take 30 mins in? the race is 1 hour which if forgot to mention.... am I worrying too much about it? or has anyone got any advise??
Cheers Joe :D


  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    If you keep your glycogen stores topped up before hand you'll struggle to deplete them in an hour, assuming evening race (Beastway?) - porridge for breakfast, pasta for lunch, snack before you race, energy drink/gel/Jelly Babies just before hand, you shouldn't really need any carbs during the race then, electrolytes are a good shout to deal with cramp, I like Elete water.
  • JdonJdon Posts: 45
    Cheers mate, I followed your guidance and I got on ok. really just need to improve my general fitness and I will start moving forward.
  • KarolDabrKarolDabr Posts: 1
    Nutrition is a very important thing on every training. Our body's primary sources of carbs are glycogen stored in the muscles and liver and food or sugars eaten during exercise. On our bike race we should have a bottle of sports drink, about 150 calories for the bottle, but probably we drink maybe half of it during the race.
  • One way of preventing dehydration during a race is getting enough electrolytes which many sports drink has. Before the race starts consume carbohydrate, protein, a little fat and some fluid to promote blood sugar control and also prepare your mind and body through some meditation and stretching workouts.
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