Assos bib shorts sizing advice?

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Thinking of getting some Assos bib shorts, only problem I'm running in to is the sizing.

I'm 6'3" with a 32" waist - does anyone of a similar height and build have any experience?


For reference:


  • jordan_217
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    Stick to the size chart. Always correct with Assos, IME. I'd say XL.

    The bibs may feel like they're pulling down on your shoulders when you're stood up but remember they are designed to be worn in a riding in position so they should be fine once you're on the bike.
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    6'2 33' waist - XL
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    Imo different assos shorts vary from model to model,i have 2 pairs and both are different in size large
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    Cheers guys, XL fits perfect. Measured my waist again, turns out I'm actually a 30" - just so if people are looking to buy, don't worry if you feel too skinny to buy XL, worry about the height measurement :-)
  • northpole
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    As you say, with lycra, it's more about getting the leg length right than necessarily worrying too much about waist girth. XL would have been my call and fits me well - I'm just shy of 6'2".

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    Instead of starting a new thread i will ask on here. (have tried searching but get an error)

    I am 5'9" about 15st in weight which is coming off.
    I have tried an XL and XXL, the XXL was to big XK was ok but was not able to try a Large. Anyone similar size or able to comment on if the Large would be suitable.
    (my current BIBS, Hincapie - Large, Louis Garneau - XXL

    Also what is the difference on all the BIBS they do. Going to Google search later, i appreciate it will be the pads mainly but i don't know which is better for me.
    Most rides are 40-50 miles, any sportives i do will be 70+ and we have a few 100 miles + throughout the year too so they need to be super comfy. Recommendations?

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    I have the s7 equipe shorts in a large and if it helps in 6ft with a 32 waist and 12.5 stone. My suggestion is to buy from a shop that does free returns as I ordered both medium and large then sent the mediums back. Assos shorts are a different fit depending in model. Good shorts though