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specialized hardrock next upgrades what next

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Newbie to the forum and sorry if this has been asked but i did do a search and found no answers!

Last year i bought a Specialized Hardrock 2011 cost me £200 and thought it was a good price as was virtually brand new, came with rucksack and lights to! But i found it needed a few upgrades, First forks where changed to Suntour XCR`s which after reading a few reviews think it may not have been the best choice, But it does ride better so at least i`m moving in the right direction (of sorts!) and they didn`t cost much! plus i sold the originals for a great price thought they wouldn`t sell tbh!
Tyres have been changed to armadillo`s (came with the bike) and now has hydraulic Tektro Auriga 180f/160r brakes, Alexrim disc rims, GT stem and bars which are much lighter than the originals.

Total cost of upgrades has been approx £120

I feel gears are letting the bike down now (21 speed) so where do i go regarding rear cassette/derauiler/shifter and crank set

Thanks in advance


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