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A lovely pair in the sun (Kuota and Burls)

limoneboylimoneboy Posts: 480
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Got my pair out in the rare sunshine , Kuota had just been cleaned after a very wet 40 miler up in the Cheshire hills so took the chance to get some nice pic;s of the pair . Burls has new decals designed by myself (hope Justins o.k. with this) they look freshers and more modern than the orginals add a red cross to logo as in England.









last month wilier gt -this month ? bh rc1


  • limoneboylimoneboy Posts: 480










    last month wilier gt -this month ? bh rc1
  • MountainMonsterMountainMonster Posts: 7,423
    Those look great, enjoy the ride together!
  • ascurrellascurrell Posts: 1,739
    edited May 2014
    They're both lovely bikes, what's your favourite one? Also are they the same size.

    I must admit the Burls looks quality craftsmanship. Exactly what model is the seatpost adapter kcnc?
  • n3crophilen3crophile Posts: 52
    Both incredibly beautiful, though I must say the Burls does it for me.
  • metronomemetronome Posts: 670
    Both very nice, the Burls is lovely.

    What's that on the down tube?
    tick - tick - tick
  • limoneboylimoneboy Posts: 480
    both bikes are great , but for different reasons.

    i rode the Kuota a few times in a row it is stable comfy stiff at the front end and bb, but lacks a little zig, dont get me wrong you could ride all day and it holds speed very well ,weigh's in at just under 7kg .

    went back on the Burls lively fast and comfy but very aggressive postion, i design the geometery on this frame as i knew what i wanted and how i wanted it to look (product designer by trade). Burls welding is second to none , i have always been a sucker for clean welding since my BMX days in the 80s when i had a pk ripper and tange rhino which both had amazing joints .this also weighs just under 7kg

    Both great bikes , dont be put off by titanium being soft , if its designed right its better than carbon and last longer, mine has a taper front end which is just a tight as any carbon frame i have ridden and i have had a lot.

    they are both the same top tube length which is most important to me as i can tune the rest of the bike. Burls is not really any size as its custom spec.

    On the down tube on the burls is the bottle holders its magnetic , didnt want a bottle holder to spoil the clean lines.
    last month wilier gt -this month ? bh rc1
  • johnnymcg259johnnymcg259 Posts: 569
    Lovely things those.
    Your hosepipe needs some attention though......what a mess, have the kids been at it?! :wink:
  • limoneboylimoneboy Posts: 480
    Lovely things those.
    Your hosepipe needs some attention though......what a mess, have the kids been at it?! :wink:

    I was wondering how long it would be before someone notice that . No me filling the paddling pool.
    last month wilier gt -this month ? bh rc1
  • Slo Mo JonesSlo Mo Jones Posts: 272
    I like the Burls. It's lovely.

    The Kuota, not so much.
  • bencolembencolem Posts: 463
    Agree, the Burls looks lovely (even better with a ti stem?) but (politely) the Kuota looks weird - like it's all pushed a bit forward?
  • evodedaevodeda Posts: 33
    Loving the Burls. Mine is due in a couple of weeks and I can't wait!!

    Where did you get the decals made, they look good!
  • It was partly the photos of your beautiful Burls a while back that motivated me to take the leap and commission a custom Burls Ti myself. Superb bikes, beautifully made by a small company in Russia which made the old Colnago Titanio in 2000. A fantastic riding experience and great craftsmanship. Yours is a lovely looking example, tastefully specced.

    All the best, I hope you keep enjoying it as much as I do mine!

    EDIT: I like the originals but I love your re-done decals! Are you a graphic designer by any chance?
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