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2014 Rose Pro SL-2000

1986sv1986sv Posts: 83
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Here's my new bike. Ordered 6 weeks ago, delivered 4 days early. Completely standard except the Fizik saddle and gel bar tape. Not sure on exact weight but a good improvement over my Spesh Allez. Need to fit my Campy Vento wheels but until then the Aksium wheels and matching tyres will do nicely.

Haven't seen too many reviews about them (In English) so I'll update this thread when I've put a few more miles in...



  • gethincerigethinceri Posts: 1,216
    Lovely bicycle, enjoy.
  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
    yes, enjoy.
  • Which size is that? Btw, beautiful bike!
  • Thanks. It's a 57cm
  • Saw some Rose bikes in person at the cycle show yesterday, was quite impressed.
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  • 1900 miles in and I'm more than happy with the Rose. The only changes I've made are swapping the Arione to an Aliante VS and replacing the quadlock with an out front mount. I had a bike fit at Pedal Precision a few months back and the general outcome and comment from Richard was that the Rose fit me well and small tweaks (mostly to my cleats and seat) were all that was needed. I put this down to me putting measurements in while configuring the bike and letting Rose auto populate the frame, bars, stem and cranks sizes. The ride is nice and not too jarring, 105 is as reliable as ever and the frameset looks as good as it did the day I got it.
  • How did you find them to deal with? Are you notified of delivery date or can you choose one? Would have to have it delivered to home but am running out of holiday so don't want to waste a day.

    Have emailed them to ask but not heard back yet.
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  • They will give you a rough idea in weeks while you are configuring, after that you will get an email confirmation of the expected delivery date - this will be an actual day...mine arrived 4 days early but I did get a shipment notification so I knew it was on it's way.

    I also changed the spec at least three times between ordering and it being built, this didn't affect the delivery, they were more than happy to change stuff and even notified me when it was being built (probably to stop me changing anymore stuff!)
  • Thanks, issue now is which one out of the two I have my eye to get the ROSE XEON DX-3000 2014 or ROSE PRO DX CROSS-3000 "MB" 2015
    Moda Prima 2013
    Giant Defy Advanced 1 2014
    Rose Pro DX Cross-3000 'MB' - STOLEN
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  • Hello guys!
    Ordered mine about 6 weeks ago, will be delivered October 14.
    I'm 169cm (height) per 81 cm (inseam) and ordered a 53, hope it will be good!

    1986sv, I would really like to see some new hd shoots :)
    Everyday I check if there are new notifications... I can't wait anymore.
  • Mr SharkyMr Sharky Posts: 172
    Ordered a Rose last Friday... expected delivery is October 31st which is about 14 years away by my reckoning (well, it certainly feels like it'll be that long!!).

    Plumped for the 2014 Xeon RS 3000.

    Can't wait!!! :-)

    Yours looks lovely, btw! :oops:
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  • 1986sv1986sv Posts: 83
    What's worse is they update the date on the 'My Account' page of the website so you can watch each one of the days trickle by slowly...

    It'll be well worth it though, enjoy!
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