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Thinking of changing from ti to carbon

satnavstevesatnavsteve Posts: 223
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I currently have a Sabbath Aspire Ti with full Ultegra 6700 and pave 28 wheels. I do like the ride quality and comfort, plus the idea that it is a very hard wearing material.


I also get bored very easily and have been wondering about a change. Specifically, I am pondering getting a Dolan L'etape carbon frame and sticking my current groupset on that and flogging the aspire frameset.

Any owners out there moved from Ti to carbon who can give their thoughts? regrets? or none?


  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,954
    I had a Van Nic until about 18 months ago. Sold it to fund a CF Cinelli and saw the benefits of carbon over Ti straight away as the bike was more stiff, lighter and had a lovely paint scheme. I bought the Van Nic as a "bike for life" :lol: and soon got bored of it as it looked bland but rode really nice. Now 18 months on I still have the CF bike but am now longing for a steel ride. I think its very easy to get absorbed with the hype around bikes and if you like to change bikes and can afford to do I then why not but I do regret selling the Van Nic and although I want a steel ride I am really struggling to justify the cost. I think the message is just enjoy the ride.
  • satnavstevesatnavsteve Posts: 223
    Thanks for that,

    I guess the question is, will I enjoy the ride more on carbon? :?
  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,954
    yes for a will be a new bike afterall
  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,022
    Thanks for that,

    I guess the question is, will I enjoy the ride more on carbon? :?

    You will get bored of it and will regret selling the previous frame, it always happens... not bad for flogging 4 figures money... :wink:
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  • That is why it is best to have more than one bike. You can ring the changes and less like to get bored. :)
  • infopeteinfopete Posts: 878
    My Carbon bike is a Ribble 365, I bought it for winter use and shopping.

    It is so different from my Merlin Cielo and more so from my titanium Omega Axis as as for my Dolan winter wreck well.....

    It's true you need to buy more bikes, one is not enough.
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  • ianbarianbar Posts: 1,354
    if you only have one bike i personally would not get rid of the ti and just buy another! wether the ti or new bike becomes winter trainer etc is up to you, but no way would i sell my esprit
    enigma esprit
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