wheel building what would you do??

jonnyashworth Posts: 547
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I have made my mind up to embark on a new project to build a new full sus bike up.
I have decided to stick with 26ers and build up a carbon SB66 :D
A lot of the parts will be donated from my current full sus but I am debating what to do about the wheels!
Currently I run Hope Pro 3 SP AM 4's with Stans Flow rims which have been absolutely great!!
I would like to make the change to a carbon rim though now (something like the superstar AM ones).
I would like to invest in a truing stand and build the wheels myself as I figure its about time I learnt :D .
What I'm wondering is...... Should I stick with my Hope Pro 3 SP 4 Hubs?? Will my current spokes work with the superstar carbon rims??
Are there better lighter hubs I should consider and keep my current setup complete?? (eg pre built superstar carbon rims on telsa hubs??)
Yeti SB66c 2013