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Cervelo P3 TT Bike

whatleytomwhatleytom Posts: 547
edited February 2015 in Your road bikes
Bought this back in April after a bike fit suggest the geometry would suit me well.

Ridden just over 600 miles on it now, and managed a local circuit 10 on it recently at 23:28 which I was pleased with considering my best last year was 25:32!


Wheels- Farsports 86/56mm with Novatech hubs, continental competition tubs.
Bars- 3T Aura Pro
Group- Ultegra 6800 (DA 9000 shifters), Power2max rotor 3df.
Brakes- Magura rt6 hydraulic brakes which are awesome, lot of power and modulation.
Saddle- specialized toupe pro
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  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
  • roktrokt Posts: 493
    Very nice...I do like the look of that, what's the make of the frame bag ?

    I also bought a P3 earlier this year and I must say I'm loving it. :D

    I have loaned a set of Planext X 101/82's from a mate and I managed my best ever
    time of 24:16 on Wednesday evening. My target is now sub 24 within the next few
    weeks. We'll done with the 23:28.
  • whatleytomwhatleytom Posts: 547
    It's an xlab bag which attaches to the bosses on the top tube. It's mainly used for triathlon (boo hiss) so normally use the bag for gels and bars etc.
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  • MountainMonsterMountainMonster Posts: 7,423
    OOOOOOOHHHHHHH, lovely that! I want one, care to trade?
  • How do you find the Conti tubs? Considering some myself.
  • n3crophilen3crophile Posts: 52
    Well that's a bit fancy :mrgreen:
  • whatleytomwhatleytom Posts: 547
    How do you find the Conti tubs? Considering some myself.

    Yeah I like them, not as fast or as light as something like vittoria crono's but for long distance they are comfortable and seem to have decent puncture protection.
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  • Thought I'd update this just prior to my first TT of the year coming up on Sunday. Update below from just before xmas.

    Finally got round to getting my P3 exactly the way I want it.

    When I bought it it came with 3T aura bars which were nice and comfortable but reasonably weighty, and the big annoyance was that they had upturned bar ends, which did suit the Magura RT6 brakes, which are designed to be flat, they also look way way better this way, and we all no if it looks good it must be fast!

    So first I swapped the bars with a 3T Brezza, flat bar ends, and s-bend extensions. This meant re cabling the hydraulic brakes which was good news as both hoses were way to long. The front was hanging out the side and causing a bit of drag. I shortened this so now it comes right out the top of the brake and up to connect to the stem where its got a small zip tie.

    The rear hose also previously entered the frame through the side of the top tube, which is a bit odd, as there is space for it to enter in the top along with the gear cables. So I re-threaded it through the top and shortened it so it sits nice and tight to the frame.

    All in all way cleaner, more aero and a couple hundred grams lighter.




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  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 21,668
    Love it!
  • Very nice, did you buy the wheels? If so how much did you pay and what do you think of them?
  • Yeah I think they've been really good to date. I've probably put about 800 or so miles on them, and they've never even had to be trued. Did IMUK last year which had some pretty horrific roads and they stood up to that fine.

    You never know ordering from China though, I've heard plenty of horror stories, but you probably don't hear from the people who don't have issues such as myself as much, so it all gets a bit overblown.
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  • I can't get the link at the moment, but was through ebay. Think I paid around £350 all in including delivery. Thankfully didn't get hit with any import duty, so factor that in when you buy.
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  • markyonemarkyone Posts: 1,114
    very nice indeed
    Colnago c60 Eps super record 11
    Pinarello F8 with sram etap
  • Nice, shame the new Cervelos have such ridiculously long head tubes.
  • Probably looks worse than usual as its 58cm frame.
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  • DKayDKay Posts: 1,652
    Super neat setup. Looks awesome. I'd love to have a go on a TT rig at some point.
  • Gorgeous! Much better now!
  • IrishMacIrishMac Posts: 328
    Some yoke!

    If you ever had in your head for a disc wheel to get the PB down!Worked well on my friends TT bike. :)
    Member of Cuchulainn C.C. @badcyclist

    Raleigh SP Race
    Trek 1.2
  • Raltec covers are far, far better than the aerojacket.
  • Yeah I'd like a full on disc but I'm saving for a new road bike to replace my ageing Giant at the moment. This was my triathlon steed, but I've decided to concentrate purely on cycling this year though (see blog in sig), so the road bike is my real focus. Just using this for the odd TT so can't warrant the expense of a disc at present.
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