Which comfy bar tape?

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Looking at replacing the Giant bar tape that came with my defy 1.

Can anyone suggest a bar tape that's comfortable for 5-6+ hour rides and helps soak up the bumps?


  • northpole
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    I've recently fitted the middle thickness (2.4mm?) Lizard Skins for the first time and I think its the best I've experienced. Possibly not the most padded, but the best tactile feel.

  • ride_whenever
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    I'm fairly sure the DSP is 2.5mm. Easily the nicest bar tape I've ridden. If you want more cushion then the 3.2mm is also good, however the 2.5mm is more than sufficient for most people.

    There is also the ESI stuff which is lovely but butt-tearingly expensive.
  • littledove44
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    Specialized s wrap is very comfy.
  • Philby
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    Just put some Cinelli Cork Ribbon on my bike. Quite thick and 'squeezy' and thicker than the original Bianchi tape it replaced.
  • If you 'need' thicker bar tape, are you sure you have your bike set up properly?
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  • jordan_217
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    Arundel Gecko. Better than Specialized and Fizik IME.
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  • Bozman
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    I use Fizik microtex but I double wrap the tops with some cheap BBB cork tape under the Fizik microtex.
  • northpole
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    Meant to say, I have Spesh wrap on another bike and one thing I recently noticed when I got caught for several hours in heavy rain was how comparatively slippery this type of bar tape gets compared with the Lizard Skins which has a very grippy (but not uncomfortable) texture. Quite a trick they've pulled off in this respect. If they could bring their prices down a bit, they'd have it completely sussed!

  • +1 for Fizik Microtex
  • starbuck
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    It looks like the Fizik (with the gel pads) and Lizard Skins are about the same price. I know it's probably down to personal preference but anyone have experience with both of them?
  • starbuck
    starbuck Posts: 256
    If you 'need' thicker bar tape, are you sure you have your bike set up properly?

    My bike has been setup properly and I probably don't "need " thicker tape, it would just be nice to have something with a bit more cushioning than the standard giant stock tape that's currently fitted.

    On the topic of stock tape - does anyone know what the thickness of giant's stock tape is?
  • fast as fupp
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    fizik performance

    its marvellous
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  • ride_whenever
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    I've used them both, they're both very good but for me the ability to ride gloveless on the lizard skins is the tipping point for me.