Campag 11 spd cassette spacing

Iamnot Wiggins
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I've recently fitted an 11 spd Chorus cassette to an 11 spd freehub body attached to some Campag Bora 35's.

Shifting is as well as can be expected & doesn't miss a beat. However, it's quite noisy in 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Like it's not indexing properly but no matter how much I fiddle with it, I can't dispense with the noise yet the shifting remains excellent.

My question is this; do i need to run one of those really thin spacers between hub & the back of the cassette? Similar to the Mavic system? I can't recall fitting one & I don't think one came with the cassette.

It's very frustrating!


  • pinarellokid
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    I don't have a spacer on mine,

    I'd say it's the indexing, Have another look at it, or go on YouTube for some tips
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  • g00se
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    Could it be a badly cut outer somewhere or too-tight a turn at the bars?
  • Can't be the outers as they came off one 56cm Tarmac and went onto exactly the same replacement.

    I ran Mavic R-SYS SLRs before the Campags and never had this issue. Might admit defeat and just take it to the shop!
  • mrdsgs
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    if the noise is the same on big ring and little ring on all 3 cassette sprockets ( I presume the largest 3) it rules out chain line issues. If the chain or cassette or both are new the noise should reduce as they mate together.
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