Front mech touching seat tune - CAAD 9

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I recently bought this bike used.

Occasionally, when you shift from the big to small ring the chain falls into the 'no mans land' between the cogs and spins without engaging.

There is a small degree of slack in the gear cable with the small ring engaged, so I wanted to adjust the limit screw so that it would pull the chain over further when changing down, however I cant adjust it any more as the mech is touching the frame. The round coiled end of the spring is just touching.

Any advice? Its a Tiagra mech that I believe is OE, but the rest of the drive chain has been replaced. Would a different mech be any different?



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    Loosen the shift control cable at the clamp and go through the set-up procedure using these instruction: ... 696762.pdf
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    The derailleur already looks too far inboard ( and too high). Go through the setup, including setting the height and see if that improves things.
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    I'd also give it a really good degrease, wash and a light lube before you start (both chain and mech) - all you're doing at the mo' is grinding all that schizer you have everywhere into the working parts of the bike: no amount of adjustment will matter if it can't move before its clogged full of crap.
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    As has been said already - you need to tighten the low limit screw to bring the FD further out. When in small chainring / large sprocket you want about a millimetre between the chain and the inner cage.

    Also, if the limit screws don't want to turn, spray them and leave them overnight. I made the mistake of thinking the screw was turning once I'd oiled it but it just sheared off.
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    Thanks for the advice, will follow the steps tomorrow.

    Its not as dirty as it looks, honest!!!