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Scum bag beep beeeeeep beeps

BulletproofbobBulletproofbob Posts: 33
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Twice in a month there has been a scrote in my garden trying to liberate my bikes! I know they'd take anything but mtb is easy few £ so it's a main target.... I have my bike in the garage chained to the B pillar and roll cage of my old escort, the wife and kids bikes are in a shed with my old hack, these are all chained together and also to a full gas bottle and also to the bike trailer and other items.... What can I do (bar electrifying the shed) to make it visibly more off putting? Shed is even hooked upto house alarm, so they will not get away with much it's just the fact they do damage trying!!!


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,904
    Put the kids in the shed and the bikes in the house.
    I don't do smileys.

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  • Tried that but social services round here are VERY anti cyclist.....
  • jdk2014jdk2014 Posts: 24
    Get a goose?
  • If it weren't for the fact I too want to go in my garden I would, used to have a few for my old "yard"!

    Looks like a CCTV setup and sleep by the pool cue just in case....
  • KajjalKajjal Posts: 3,404
    Put the wife in the shed, they will only make that mistake once.

    You could try better lighting or very obviously make the shed very tough to break into and make it very noisy to get into. Thieves do not want to spend a long time in bright light making a lot of noise.
  • twice the sods been in my shed for the bike. Not now. got pir light. If you got wooden fence at back. Put a layer of carbon grease on top of fence. It that dirty sticky stuff from a fifth wheel on a truck. plus good padlocks. Will post pic later. Got my shed lined with 18mm chip board too. If it looks difficult to get in. They pass on by half the time. Last time they took my cannondale (1500 quid) and left the tools drills etc worth well over 2 grand. Police told me most good bikes are usually nicked to order and easy to sell on that why tools were left. so a quick glance when you coming in and out.
  • At the moment the hinge screws are exposed so I'm going to cover those using a plate and captive bolts. I already have a light on a pir and my neighbour was shouting at scum bag while the light was on and they were pretty unfazed, that said they left...
    Grease is a no go due to where I am which is a shame
  • I used bolts like this ... f-10/12962 use the steel plate on the inside of your shed. Redone around door and frame in 3 by 2 Use these padlocks one at top and one at bottom. Cant get bolt croppers on them.
  • That's the way I'll go! Need to think a little more as it's a groundsman shed, two doors opening out... But same idea would work well
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    If they know the bikes are there then it's simply a matter of time, although security lights do work well.

    We've had our house broken into and they took a few things, but didn't even look in the run down shed that has several grand's worth of bikes in it.
  • abarth_1200abarth_1200 Posts: 370
    Make it harder for them to get in the garden, and once there in make sure they can't be hidden, ie security lights and not concealed corners
  • snowstersnowster Posts: 582
    Move to Devon no scumbags down here....
  • I'm an end plot with wide open spaces all round, I have security lights an soon be followed by CCTV.... Today I added coach bolts as per martinmeatpie to all hinges so they can't simply be unscrewed, also added 2 more sliding bolts with padlocks to top and bottom of the door.... Just needs the mesh on the inside of the windows now.

    All this is to put them off and as I say it's all wired up to the house alarm (would have preferred the 240v) and the bikes are as secured as possible as they need to rob 4 all chained together plus full gas bottle/trailer/pram etc.... Sa fact is they will likely still try as they are scumbags after all.... Interesting they had Devon accents Apparently!
  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 1,034
    A good deterrent is to use shop door bells on the inside of the doors such as these: ... ot_redir=1

    They mount on sprung steel and are difficult to silence unless you can see them. Also cheap and easy to fit

  • Like that one!!
  • HITR14HITR14 Posts: 7
    If its a wooden shed add a 2 or 3mm thick steel plate behind the bolt/padlock over as big an area as you feel would work as I've had them saw around the lock in the past. Also the police didn't really want to know forensics wise unless there was blood - so I put carpet grippers (not on the advice of the police mind) in the places they may get their hands in to try and pull the door! not been tested yet tho!
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