SRAM rival problems rear problems

Kaarle XVII
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Hi! I just bought a new Eastway cx 1.0 bike from wiggle.. but I just cannot get the rear derailleur to work properly. something is always not workin well.. is it because of this gap/opening?


Thanks! I think ive watched hours of deraillleur adjusting films from youtube, and im exhausted :roll:


  • lpretro1
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    Bit difficult to see from photos but Looks to me like you haven't fitted the rear mech right. that tab should sit on the little projection on the hanger - you seem to have it underneath?
  • StillGoing
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    Is the bolt fully home in the hanger? If it isn't the B bolt mechanism is going to miss the rear of the hanger.
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  • patrickf
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    Looks like the mech isn't fully screwed in (I'm sure I can see thread inbetween the RD and the hanger)

    As has also been said, pay close attention to where the tab goes - Sram have this in their instructions.

    You may also need to adjust the limit screws - assuming you have the gear in the smallest sprocket properly I'd say the limit is too far in - do this after making sure the Mechh is properly fitted.
  • Thanks! Got it. fixed it. Very happy :D I just had to tighten the screw much more. it was just jammed in the start. Now to the road! Again, Thank you guys very much!