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large saddle bag

andyh01andyh01 Posts: 599
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Hi, Now it's coming up to Summer, I want get away from a sweety back from carrying a big 25l rucksack for my short (5 mile each way) commute, especially as my current bag is almost empty most days.

so I'm looking for a largish saddle bag, I have a Trek 2.1 which doesn't have and I wouldn't want to fit a rack to it, (bad enough having mud guards, which I may take off and not not put back on). All I really carry is shirt, trousers, (every other day) underwear (every day), Towel (Bring on Monday, take home Friday) and lunch (everyday) maybe overshoes, gloves and thin rain jacket (leave in if poss). On the odd day that I need to carry more and won't quite fit in I can revert back to the rucksack, I don't really carry tools/spares as in my own experience for the short commute not needed them, any recomendations?

So far I've looked at the Altura Arran Expanding Post Pack which is a 5L expanding seat post mounted. Not sure if this be too big/small? I'm also not sure if it would fit the seat post as I have a tailgator clamp and reflector on seat post and whether the Moon sheild light can be mounted to the bag?


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