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Hi All,
I am currently using a Selle Italia Signo saddle that I got second hand. I read some good reviews on these saddles but it feels like i am sitting on a piece of 3''x2'' timber, I don't know if it is because the internal gel has worn down or me having a bony ass (I am very slim and have a bony ass :shock: ) Has anyone got any suggestions of a comfier saddle? I like the slimline sleek look of the signo and don't want anything bulky. I don't mind spending £40-£50 on a saddle even if it is second hand as long as it's in good nick. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Gaz
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    Read up also on how to measure yourself for a saddle.
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    Saddles are probably the most personal part of your bike so getting recommendations means very little. It's a case of trial and error but whenever you try a new one percevere as it does take a few miles to be sure it doesn't fit.

    So far I've been lucky - 4 road bikes all with different saddles none of which are so uncomfortable I can't do 50+ miles on them.

    I'll bet there are riders out there who have tried 4 or more saddles on one bike!