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Giant Defy 1 or Canyon Inflite AL 8.0S

electriclinuxelectriclinux Posts: 33
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I am trying to decide between two bikes.
I have broken it down into advantages and disadvantages:

Giant Defy 1 ... -blue.html
Slightly lighter
Lifetime warranty for the frame
Very well reviewed
Might be more suitable as I plan to cycle on the road

Mudguard doesn't seem very rugged
Not sure if 25mm tyres fits with mudguard

Canyon Inflite AL 8.0S
Disc brakes
Can take larger tyres and seems to have a more solid mudguard option
More future proof?
Cool design
More versatile so I could take it off road

Slightly Heavier
Lower scoring in reviews
More expensive

I am leaning towards the Defy 1 but I am just not sure about the mudguard situation with it. I plan to cycle in most conditions so I want a mudguard but I am afraid that the mudguard for the Defy isn't very good and if it actually accepts 25mm tyres. I would love other peoples opinion on it, I have only cycled on 28mm tyres before and I was wondering would 25mm or 23mm tyres be comfortable for long distances on relatively bad roads (Belfast roads) ?


  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,212
    edited May 2014

    I can't tell anything about the Canyon bike, however I have a Defy 0 and have a set of the Giant specific mudguards for it, though have not fitted them yet. There are a few posts on BR about these prematurely failing at the rear metal brake bridge mounting bracket, so there may be a design/material/manufacturing fault with them.

    They are designed for use with 23/25mm tyres, I've trial fitted the rear guard and the clearance is tight adjacent the brake bridge cut-out metal mounting bracket, but it did fit. I don't know whether you could fit a 28mm tyre and I can't remember if anyone has posted saying they are running with them without problems. The front guard is also short in length compared to some other brands and only has a single stay.

    Have a read through this post:


    Also this:

  • ducksonduckson Posts: 961
    Why not look at a Dolan Dual or Ribble Sportive 365, designed to take mudguards and 25c (at least) fit?
    Carbon frames and highly speccable.
    Cheers, Stu
  • Cheers I will look at those threads and the other bikes mentioned. It seems the Canyon Infllite is a no go anyway as they apparently sold out for the year :shock:
  • the_fugglerthe_fuggler Posts: 1,228
    I wouldn't get too hung up on lifetime warranties - by this time next year you'll be looking to upgrade anyway!

    The Giant specific guards are tight on a 25mm tyre. Very nice bikes though (I am biased as I ride one). 23mm or 25mm tyres should be fine on the road in terms of comfort.

    The other option you might want to consider is a Trek as they tend to have guard mounts, which make them more flexible for UK conditions.
    FCN 3 / 4
  • I think I might go with ... -2014.html

    As it can fit normal mudguards, has disc brakes and isn't that much heavier.
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