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Iron Horse Bootleg 1.0

mattmayukmattmayuk Posts: 3
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I've got an Iron Horse Bootleg 1.0 circa 2009 that's new and never been ridden. I bought it (from CRC), got it delivered to work, walked it home then stored it. I'm going to use all the parts to build a bike using a Felt Trailshot frame I have. I'm then going to build a new bike around the Bootleg frame. I was wondering what forks and shock I should upgrade to to allow it to be a bit more All Mountain/Alpine capable rather than XC. How much travel should I go for up front (and rear) as presumably the geometry is optimised for 100mm travel?

It's currently got:

Rockshox Tora XC Air 100mm
X-Fusion 02RL

Thanks for any advice.


  • declan1declan1 Posts: 2,470
    If you want an all mountain bike then buy one - you're just going to mess up the geometry and potentially break the frame by putting more travel on it.

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  • mattmayukmattmayuk Posts: 3
    You often read in MBUK and on websites that a small increase in front travel won't affect the geometry too bad. I was only thinking of maybe 120mm up front. What forks and shock should I upgrade too as the existing units aren't top spec.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Fork - one that will fit your budget and headtube.
    Shock - one that will fit your budget and has same eye to eye and stroke. And tune preferably.
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