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Birmingham Bikeathon 2014

gadgetsgadgets Posts: 100
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Anyone signed up for this event? It is scheduled for September 21. 2014.

Registration is through this site:

I signed up for the 100 miler as a personal challenge now that I have crossed over the 50 years old mark and also lose some weight along the way (currently at 90kg). I just started training as the longest ride I have ever done was a very slow 25 miler. Essentially the plan is to build up the distance every Sunday and commute to work by bike starting in July (9.5 miles each way).

Hoping there are others from this board that will be doing the same ride.
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  • stumpym4stumpym4 Posts: 216
    could be up for this, maybe the 52 miler, ive rode over 100 miles once and almost killed me so probably stay with the 52 !
    Is there a minimum amount you need to raise to ride this as im not really one for asking people to sponsor me and feel cheeky ... dont mind the odd close family member but other than that !

    Edit : ... ive just found the answer so no worries ... may see you there
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  • DownwardDownward Posts: 179
    52 mile sounds doable for me.
  • awallaceawallace Posts: 191
    Im hoping to do it. My mate has signed up and now my running plans have changed this will be my biggie of the year I reckon. If the roads are like the mad march hare sportive it should be nice.
  • gadgetsgadgets Posts: 100
    Hope to see you all there. I wonder how many will participate. This will be my first charity ride and do not know what to expect. I gather that only Broad Street will be closed, the rest of the route will be open. Not sure how it will work out with a large number of cyclists and open roads :)

    Training update: still very slow :) with various parts of my body aching. Longest ride is 30 miles (Strava cheated me by only reporting 29.9 miles :( ).

    Currently using a cyclocross bike (46/36) but just picked up a new bike (50/34) yesterday. Rode the new bike this morning and the 50 is really hard to use but the bike fits much better than the cyclocross (too big for me). I still have to order new pedals to replace the one that Evans installed.

    Also started using SIS for hydration,energy and recovery, i like the black currant flavor so i will most likely stick with this brand for now for the hydration and energy. For recovery, the wife suggested trying the protein shake from Holland and Barrett.
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  • DownwardDownward Posts: 179
    It'll be interesting to see the route
  • awallaceawallace Posts: 191
    Where are you guys from? I'm Kings Heath.

    Id imagine they'll do a staggered start? The public wouldn't be happy with hundreds of cyclists clogging up the Pershore Road :lol:

    I'm cycling to Wales at the end of the week which will be 72 miles. The furthest I've ridden this year has been 41 miles. I will build some long rides through the summer and should be ok for the 100. I cycled 102 miles in 2009 from London to Rugby which was tough, but I was under prepared and 3 stone heavier!

  • I will be taking part. Really looking forward to it as it will be my first 100 miles. Well i hope it will be if im fit enough!

    Im from Wolverhampton and if anyone wants to team up on some training rides i will be game :D
  • I'm doing it with my brother and a friend. It'll be my first ride over 140k but it's not too hilly so I think it'll be fine. The climb up to Broadway Tower is a long one but not that steep!
  • DownwardDownward Posts: 179
    Anyone do this in the end ?
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