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Newbie here with some brake problems

Dan_WestonDan_Weston Posts: 3
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Hi everyone!

Newbie here from Newport, South Wales. Was hoping to get some suggestions on a problem I'm having with my brakes so I'll get right into it...

They seem a little 'spongy' compared to how I thought they were originally. What's more is that once or twice, when I've got the bike out of the shed, the brakes are binding and I've had to fiddle with them (increase the reach of the lever) to unbind them. The front one seems more suceptible to this though.

It's a Carrera Fury (the white one - 2011 I think?). Because the original juicy brakes leaked and they no longer made them, I had them upgraded to Avid Elixir (I think it was the '1'). They've never been the same since the original to be honest.

Grateful for any advice you can offer


  • bob6397bob6397 Posts: 218
    a cause could be that the pads need checking for wear (unlikely if this has always been the case) or that the brakes may need a bleed. it has always been the same, it could be that they were never bleed properly when first installed. You may find that the liquid in the brakes is expanding when in your shed (is it quite hot in there???) and this causes the brake to seize on or decrease the margin between the pad and rotor - this has happened to a few people with elixir brakes recently (see the other thread).

    hope this helps,

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  • Dan_WestonDan_Weston Posts: 3
    Thanks Bob. I have noticed that it tends to be with the heat.

    I'll look into bleeding the brakes myself. May take it in somewhere though and leave it to the professionals!

    Thanks again
  • bob6397bob6397 Posts: 218
    it's alright - tell me if you find a solution as my elixir 3's are currently jamming up if i leave my bike in an open (not sheltered) rack for too long... the only downside to hot weather!
    Boardman HT Team - Hardtail
    Rose Pro-SL 2000 - Roadie
  • InitialisedInitialised Posts: 3,047
    Avid bleeding is a pain, you have to suck the air out of the fluid. If you don't get it all it can expand in the heat forming bubbles (rather than being dissolved in the fluid) which will cause the jamming and spongyness.

    So you'll need to bleed them. But long term look at replacing with a Shimano or Tektro/TRP system that uses mineral oil instead of DOT3.
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