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I'm looking at purchasing a set of deep rim carbon clinchers and found this guy http://www.rideargylewheels.com has anyone got any experience of ridding their wheels or can recommend and similarly handbuilt wheels.



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    Thanks for the reply. Very useful.
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    have you looked through the previous threads?
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    ... and that bike with counterfeit Cosmic rims is a good advertisement for his business? :shock:
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    I would steer clear of cheap carbon clinchers unelss you are prepared to bin them. Either have a set built when you know what components are being used or pay so little you don't care if they fail. Carbonzone on fleabay do 50mm clinchers for £273 so thats cheap enough to be disposable items.

    Otherwise go for carbon tub rims (Gigantex and the like) or get a quality set of carbon clinchers like Reynolds Assault.
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