Overnight flat tyres on new bike

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My new Planet X rt 58 came with FSA Vision Team 30 wheels and PX branded inner tubes and I've noticed that the rim tape is slightly offset at the valve hole so only partly covering it. Both PX tubes needed regular re inflation every few days and now suddenly just go flat again within hours. I'd assume it is faulty valves, but a Bontrager tube on the front I had in briefly did the same thing. When I checked it in water (admittedly not under high pressure) there was no sign of a flat. I'm going to replace both tubes but am wondering if I'm missing something here and should replace the rim tape too despite it being new? Any thoughts welcome. I've upgraded the Conti Ultras to Fortezza Tri Comps but these overnight flats occurred with both so I'm ruling that out.


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    Do these tubes have removable valve cores? If so they are probably loose and need tightening.
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    I've had recurring flats a few times without finding any obvious reason, most annoyingly touring in France and most recently with the Croozer kid trailer.

    Each time new rim tape fixed it. Less than half the price of a new tube in any event.
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    normal butyl tubes on a road bike should only need re-inflating once a week (over that time expect to lose about 10-20psi), seems unlikely that you have multiple bad tubes

    as above, check for loose valve cores

    fwiw if you take out the tube, immerse in water, you will be able to detect even a tiny leak, it may be just a slow forming bubble

    also consider if there's a practical joker in the house
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    Rim tape being off-centre can cause over-night flats. Use the sticky cloth stuff (name escapes me).
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    Velox or Zefal.
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    Rim tape being off-centre can cause over-night flats. Use the sticky cloth stuff (name escapes me).

    Serious question - how? I can see off centre rim tape causing punctures, but just flats?

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