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Size helmet?

Moominman2Moominman2 Posts: 389
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Hi guys,

I bought a catlike kompacto for a great price new off ebay, but after reading a from a few sites, it isn't a low profile helmet. I have a 60-61" head so I'm after something low profile.

I've seen the o2 lazer is decent for this sort of thing, so am thinking of returning the catlike when it comes for the lazer.

Does anyone have an opinion on the profile of the catlike? And also, as my head is 60-61cm, do I go for the o2 lazer up to 61cm, or get the 62cm plus one?

Thanks in advance,



  • DiscoBoyDiscoBoy Posts: 905
    You have a 61 inch head? Wow.
    Red bikes are the fastest.
  • Moominman2Moominman2 Posts: 389
    Paha! Whoops...CM! Thank god..

    Appropriately edited.
  • mattsccmmattsccm Posts: 408
    You buy the one that fits you best. I wouldn't even be worry about any profile. How does the reviewer know what fits your head and how you wear it? Some people wind them up tight and sit them high, some do the opposite. Some people tip them over the eyes like a guardsman's cap whilst other put them on the back of the dead like a womans sun hat.
    No one can help you with fit or even shape, go to a shop and buy what fits you. Mail order is good for repeat purchase or of course you may be lucky. Try it on!
  • Moominman2Moominman2 Posts: 389
    Good advice. Cheers mate !
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