Trek Madone 3.5 2013 vs. Cube Agree GTC

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In my search for a new roadbike, I found a Trek Madone 3.5 2013 on sale for about £1300. It's mainly Shimano Ultegra components but with 105 brakes. I've also got some offers on Cube Agree GTC 2014 bikes:
The Cube Agree GTC Pro is complete Shimano 105 5700, where as the Race is Ultegra 6800 and SL is complete Ultegra 6800.

I need some advise regarding which of these bikes to choose. Looking at the price, the Cube Agree GTC Race 2014 and Trek Madone 3.5 2013 are almost equal.

My questions:
  • Does someone know the weight of the Trek Madone 3.5 2013?
  • The Trek Madone 3.5 2013 is Ultegra, but certainly not the new 6800. Right? Are the old version of Ultegra better then the new Shimano 105 5700, which is used on the Cube Agree GTC Pro 2014.
  • What about the wheels on these bikes? Are there any difference on the Fulcrum Racing 77 or Bontrager R1 respectively Cube Agree GTC Pro and Trek Madone 3.5?

Are there other facts that I need to consider?


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    I purchased the 2013 Trek Madone 3.5 yesterday. After 3 hours of bike testing, also tried the giant defy composite 1 and Trek Domane.
    Went for a 25 mile ride this morning and loved the Trek. I believe it weighs in at 7.5kg.
    My Brother has the 2012 model and it's been faultless for the past 18 months and he does a lot of Sportives.

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